The Shangri-La Metaverse- A Omni Channel Decentralized Travel Community Platform & Digital Luxury Resort

In this 11-minute presentation, Tawone Autman talks about the Shangri-La Metaverse. The Shangri-La Metaverse is a digital metaverse luxury resort and travel community. Their team includes some very skilled people in the industry, including a UT professor and an environmental scientist. Access to the Shangri-La Metaverse is given through an NFT which is represented as a villa or suite in their digital world. They also have a marketplace that allows for their community to take advantage of perks and rewards through their native token. This incentivizes the community to participate in the metaverse to earn more of these perks/rewards.

Born and raised in Kankakee, IL, Tawone Autman is the founder and luxury travel advisor for Shangri-La. He attended Northern Illinois University and the Art Institute of Chicago where he studied film and business before venturing into the world of entrepreneurship. He has since relocated to Austin, Texas to build a brand cultivating relationships through blockchain technology, crypto, and DeFi.

This video was recorded at the Digital Assets and Securities Conference in Austin, Texas in May 2022. The Digital Assets AND Securities (DAAS) conference is an informative and integrative conference that brings together builders, issuers, investors, business and tech leaders, and anyone else involved in all things web3. Put together annually by Vertalo, the purpose of the conference is to connect and enable a stronger ecosystem to further the understanding of the intersection of digital assets and securities.

For more information about the Shangri-La Metaverse, please visit, or email them at

For more information about Tawone Autman, please visit his LinkedIn,



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