Revolutionizing Pain Relief & Sports Medicine

Elixicure provides instant, natural pain relief for muscle pains, aches, arthritis and more. They have hopes of becoming the first consumer packaged goods company to be tokenized on the blockchain and plan to release their own token called ‘Elixicoin’. In this presentation, Yaniv Kotler speaks on his journey with his company Elixicure, and how his mother was the driving force that helped them create their first product. Throughout the video, you’ll learn about how they founded Elixicure, why they thought there was a need for natural pain relief, and why they decided to take it on chain.

Yaniv Kotler is a serial entrepreneur, brand developer and co-founder of Elixicure. Yaniv possesses over 25 years of experience in sales, finance, entertainment, manufacturing, and the consumer goods industry. He is a natural leader and source of inspiration to all those around him and has an uncanny ability to bring people together. He continues to be a valuable source of leadership, education, and an advocate that support the advancement of natural health care and services that are effective and help improve the quality of peoples’ lives.

This video was recorded at the Digital Assets and Securities Conference in Austin, Texas in May 2022. The Digital Assets AND Securities (DAAS) conference is an informative and integrative conference that brings together builders, issuers, investors, business and tech leaders, and anyone else involved in all things web3. Put together annually by Vertalo, the purpose of the conference is to connect and enable a stronger ecosystem to further the understanding of the intersection of digital assets and securities.

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