Mythic Markets Launches Trading Capabilities For Pop Culture Collectibles & Memorabilia

4 min readMay 4, 2021


Select Digital Transfer Agent, Vertalo, and Templum to Support Fractionalization Effort

May 3, 2021 — SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Mythic Markets, an investing platform and community for pop culture fans, is excited to announce that it now supports trading capabilities on its platform for investors. Mythic Markets’ collection includes vintage comics, trading cards, fantasy art, video games, and memorabilia. As part of this strategic initiative, Mythic Markets chose SEC Registered Transfer Agent Vertalo of Austin, TX and FINRA Registered Broker Dealer Templum Markets LLC of New York to, respectively, assist in managing the digital ledger and create a frictionless trading solution for Mythic to its investor clients.

Mythic Markets is currently offering All-Star Comics #8 (Wonder Woman’s debut) at $37 per share, the original Metroid video game at $25 per share, and Magic: The Gathering’s Benalish Hero original art for $35 per share, with previously sold collectibles including Amazing Fantasy #15 (Spider-Man’s first appearance) and Magic: The Gathering’s Alpha Black Lotus card.

Previously, Mythic Markets simply allowed buyers to purchase fractional ownership or shares of these valuable collectibles with the hope that they will one day be sold for a profit. Alternative assets like collectibles and art have been increasing in popularity for decades. Pop culture collectibles, in particular, have surged in demand since “geekdom” went mainstream. However, opportunities to buy have been prohibitively expensive for most individuals. Now, the Mythic Markets platform will provide the capability for the buying and selling of the ownership interests in the collectible — making the market accessible to fans of all income levels.

In order to achieve this type of active marketplace, Mythic Markets has tapped digital transfer agent Vertalo and Alternative Trading System (ATS) provider Templum. Vertalo provides Mythic Markets with a digital transfer agent and data management platform. Templum and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Templum Markets, provide the trading solutions, including trade matching, order management, risk and surveillance, and market data. The continuous trading model provided by Templum and Vertalo will make the investor experience for Mythic Markets far more interactive.

CEO of Mythic Markets, Joe Mahavuthivanij, says, “Trading has been our most requested feature since we debuted back in 2019. We’re extremely excited to offer our investors a real-time trading system that brings liquidity, price transparency, and investment access to people all over the country. We have been working with Vertalo and Templum to implement a solution for our clients and they have been instrumental in helping Mythic Markets implement trading of these valuable real world assets without the necessity of physical fulfillment.”

Dave Hendricks, CEO of Vertalo, explains, “Mythic Markets represents the emerging convergence of real world and digital assets. By offering their clients the opportunity to own a digitized fractional ownership of an iconic collectible, Mythic Markets enables more collectors to participate in a vibrant market for iconic pop culture assets, while reducing the amount that they have to invest in order to benefit from any potential upside. Vertalo helps Mythic Markets to offer this service without any customer having to know anything about digital assets, tokens, wallets, or other complex technology that might create buyer or seller friction. The Vertalo team is honored to work with pioneers like Joe, Deb, and Tony at Mythic Markets.”

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Mythic Markets is an investing platform that allows fans to buy, sell and trade equity shares of the alternative assets they love. The company facilitates faster, easier, more flexible investment opportunities for buyers who want to jump into high-end collectibles, including the most prestigious and sought-after comics, trading cards, artwork and video games. This curated set of premium collectibles is fractionalized so investors can have more control over their portfolio, avoiding the overheads and challenges associated with physically holding such items while still reaping the financial benefits. Learn more at

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