Managing Risk In Private Capital Markets

2 min readJul 7, 2022


In this video, the panelists Woody Neiss and Justin Newton, have a conversation with Corey Segall about different regulatory issues. They go over topics like KYC/AML, blue sky laws, and other regulatory issues. You’ll learn about the pros and cons of KYC/AML, KYC vs. KYB, blue sky laws and common problems faced when dealing with blue sky laws, along with different regulatory issues.

Justin Newton is an early internet pioneer and a startup veteran with a reputation for driving companies to unicorn valuations while exemplifying the ideals that defined the internet revolution — free speech, anonymity, decentralized ownership, open infrastructure, and permissionless innovation. As Netki has established itself as the definitive crypto KYC/AML solution, Justin has become the go-to resource for all things related to crypto institutionalization, regulation, network security, and adoption.

Sherwood Neiss is a co-founder and principal at GUARDD. He co-authored the “Crowdfunding Exemption Framework” which became the basis of Title III of the U.S. JOBS Act to legalize equity and lending-based crowdfunding. He is in the forefront of the crowdfunding industry, as the co-founder of Crowdfund Capital Advisors (“CCA”). CCA is a consulting firm serving certain governments and multi-lateral organizations including Inter-American Development Bank, the World Bank, governments of Chile, Malaysia, Israel, and the UAE, professional investors, crowdfunding professionals and the entrepreneurial community.

As an executive leader of technology solutions, sales and professional services, Corey Segall possesses more than two decades of experience driving account acquisition, market growth, operational excellence, and delivery. He his passionate about delivering practical solutions that are accessible to all users, with a focus on bleeding edge technologies and cloud based products.

This video was recorded at the Digital Assets and Securities Conference in Austin, Texas in May 2022. The Digital Assets AND Securities (DAAS) conference is an informative and integrative conference that brings together builders, issuers, investors, business and tech leaders, and anyone else involved in all things web3. Put together annually by Vertalo, the purpose of the conference is to connect and enable a stronger ecosystem to further the understanding of the intersection of digital assets and securities.

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