Institutional Panel — Exploring Tokenized Fund Structures

2 min readAug 8, 2022


In this 26-minute video, panelists Carlos Gomez and Annelise Osborn talk to Gautam Gujral about their tokenized funds. Gautam asks the panelists many questions surrounding their funds. First, they are asked more broad questions regarding overall tokenized fund structures but then get into more niche answers around their own funds. Throughout this really informative session, you will learn about Arca and Belobaba, how their funds differ, internal operations of each, why they decided to make a blockchain fund, and much more.

Annelise Osborn is the Head of Institutional for Arca Labs. In this role, Annelise is the primary point of contact for Arca Labs at the institutional level. This includes owning the pipeline, relationships and Advisory business related to large-scale financial institutions, asset managers, and established companies in the financial and digital asset industries. Annelise joins Arca Labs with over 20 years of experience in finance, credit, real estate, risk, structuring, governance, and digital assets. She previously worked in the digital asset space as COO of Propellr and spent 12 years at Moody’s Investor Service running commercial real estate teams within the structured finance group. Annelise holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from The College of William and Mary.

Carlos Gomez is Chief Investment Officer at Crypto Assets Fund. Crypto Assets Fund is a hedge fund focused exclusively in crypto assets with a multi-portfolio strategy. He is a CPA and attorney with a holistic investment philosophy combining a knowledge base approach in the crypto markets.

This video was recorded at the Digital Assets and Securities Conference in Austin, Texas in May 2022. The Digital Assets AND Securities (DAAS) conference is an informative and integrative conference that brings together builders, issuers, investors, business and tech leaders, and anyone else involved in all things web3. Put together annually by Vertalo, the purpose of the conference is to connect and enable a stronger ecosystem to further the understanding of the intersection of digital assets and securities.

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