Industry Panel — Taking the 3-Step Process From Theory To Reality

In this video, the panelists Jerald David, Chris Gregor, and Frank Weigand talk to Gautam Gujral about taking a digital asset securities company from an idea to reality and the steps to get there. Gautam asks the panelists questions like, “what are some considerations about ‘listing’ on an ATS”, “what are the main challenges faced as a custodian”, and more about the start of a digital asset securities company. You’ll learn about the “3-step process” while hearing stories from different perspectives from people working in different areas of the industry.

Gautam Gujral is Co-Founder and General Counsel at Vertalo. He is revolutionizing securities investments with a distributed ledger cap table for shareholders/stakeholders in STOs. His executive leadership in structured finance combined with extensive legal, regulatory and management experience, bring an unmatched senior level network across blockchain, regulatory bodies, trade associations, hedge funds and financial service firms.

Frank Weigand is General Counsel and Head of Listings at Oasis Pro Markets. In his nearly 20 years as an attorney, Frank has developed an expertise spanning a wide range of areas including broker-dealer and securities regulation, capital markets, derivatives, banking, investment advisory, hedge fund regulation and transactional matters. Prior to Oasis, Frank was General Counsel of HSBC Securities as well as Head of Legal for the Americas Division of HSBC’s Global Markets business. Prior to HSBC, Frank was an associate with Davis Polk in NY. Frank holds a JD (cum laude) as well as an undergraduate degree in finance (summa cum laude) from Fordham University.

Christopher Gregor is a Senior Principal in Promontory’s Strategy and Optimization practice focused on digital assets advisory. He studied at Texas Christian University and is currently the Client Solutions Lead at Anchorage Digital.

Jerald David is president of Arca Labs. He is a well-rounded, global financial services executive with diverse experience in emerging technology, regulated financial markets and commodities; broad Exchange experience across multiple asset classes. He has proven expertise leading strategy, business development, operations, risk management, sales and marketing teams in both heavily matrixed and small, entrepreneurial / start-up environments. He is also an excellent communicator recognized for creating and building industry-leading businesses, driving growth and geographic expansion, increasing revenue, and implementing transformative strategic initiatives.

This video was recorded at the Digital Assets and Securities Conference in Austin, Texas in May 2022. The Digital Assets AND Securities (DAAS) conference is an informative and integrative conference that brings together builders, issuers, investors, business and tech leaders, and anyone else involved in all things web3. Put together annually by Vertalo, the purpose of the conference is to connect and enable a stronger ecosystem to further the understanding of the intersection of digital assets and securities.

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