Digital Transfer Agent Vertalo to implement Vertalo I/O for US-based RIA and BD firm that specializes in Real Estate, Energy, and Fintech projects

April 15, 2021 — Austin, TX — Resolute Capital Partners (RCP), a private equity placement firm specializing in real estate, technology, and energy projects has chosen Vertalo, an SEC-registered transfer agent that offers a white-label investor onboarding and digital asset data management platform, to re-engineer and redesign its existing processes previously built with commercial off-the-shelf software.

Resolute Capital Partners works with issuers of “beyond Wall Street” opportunities in Energy, Commercial Real Estate, and Technology, which pass an…

Digital Asset Data Management platform launches Vertalo I/O — Investor Onboarding as a Service for all companies seeking to organize fundraising processes and improve investor on-boarding

March 23, 2020 — Austin, TX — Vertalo, the SEC-Registered digital transfer agent that connects and enables the digital asset ecosystem, is excited to unveil its Vertalo Investor Onboarding (I/O) solution. Vertalo I/O simplifies online fundraising for startups, venture, and real estate funds that are seeking to improve the investor experience associated with initial offerings, crowdfunded offerings, capital calls, and other events where collection and verification of investor credentials and their funding status is…

We’re excited to announce the new Vertalo Tech, a website that will feature a variety of content, including thought leadership on technology, interesting technical questions, and brain teasers for folks who’d like to prove their mettle and join our engineering team. As Vertalo expands, we want to provide an opportunity for talented developers to prove their worth and join our development team.

Like any tech-based business we work on many problems unique to our shop. We have our own ways of organizing work, approaching problems, designing architecture, implementing code, and maintaining infrastructure. We’d like to share this with you and…

In this interview, Dave Hendricks from Vertalo discusses the new platform Upstream.Exchange, the global and international securities exchange by Horizon Fintex. The Horizon Fintex founders set out to bring liquidity to private securities market with their new exchange, Upstream.Exchange. This exchange is for both international and US-based investors. This video discusses private investments, digital securities, Reg CF, and more. Vertalo is connecting and enabling the digital asset ecosystem by working with Horizon Fintex. Watch on Youtube:

To learn more about how you can work with Horizon Fintex and Upstream.Exchange, contact them at

Contact Vertalo at

February 9, 2021, NEW YORK — Texture Capital Inc., the institutional marketplace for private capital, today announced a partnership with Vertalo, the digital asset data management platform and SEC-registered transfer agent, to collaborate on solutions to develop the digital securities ecosystem.

Watch Video:

Texture Capital has integrated with Vertalo’s technology sandbox, including token issuance, cap table management, and transfer agency services. Vertalo’s Direct Ownership and Direct Listing Platform are transforming the private asset ownership space and, paired with Texture Capital’s technology-driven marketplace, will help to streamline current market structure via Texture’s Alternative Trading System (ATS).

The opportunity to digitize…

This is a recording of the first public VRE Webinar in January 2021 featuring Partners & Clients. In this video we hear from Enrique Suarez with MountX, Gary Brandeis from Real Estate Capital Management, Alan Blair from REI Capital, and Thomas Maira and Jack Piontkowski from DLA Piper. This video is about tokenization of real estate assets on a domestic and global scale, and how it is impacting each panelists business with capital formation, investor onboarding, data management, and ultimately secondary market liquidity. …

A message from Vertalo General Counsel, Gautam Gujral:

While the Robinhood story has gotten immense airplay and there is probably little to add at this point without getting highly speculative (pun intended), there is one story we want to highlight to our readers. It has to do with clearing deposits/margins and how they are calculated. Robinhood, after all, was stung by demands for increased margin and forced to raise billions of dollars to allow their customers to continue trading and clearing those trades. …

Vertalo is excited to announce its latest partnership with GUARDD, a SaaS platform that collects, verifies, and disseminates private company information, including financial data, and facilitates transparency for investors and Blue Sky compliance for issuers. Watch the full interview:

The Vertalo partnership with GUARDD will enable issuers who work with Vertalo to avoid committing unintentional violations of state securities laws. Through the GUARDD platform, Vertalo issuers will be able to maintain all compliance requirements, customized on a state-by-state basis. When offering a digital investment product, it is important to meet all regulatory requirements which may differ by jurisdiction. One…

In this video, Dave Hendricks interview Jenny Ta, a Wall Street Veteran who is the a founder and managing director of and CEO of her latest venture,

Jenny discusses her personal journey in business as an entrepreneur, and her career which lead her from wall street to an interest in blockchain technology and security tokens. She now creates products for fundraising and digital asset transactions through VCNetwork and CoinLinked. Jenny also discusses what it is like to be a female entrepreneur working in finance and blockchain technology.

Jenny discusses her background growing up in the United States…

In this interview, Dave Hendricks asks Archax CEO Graham Rodford about Archax ATS becoming the first licensed MTX by the FCA. Archax is the first licensed FCA MTX & broker-dealer. Watch the interview below:

This video discusses the history of Archax, the process of becoming a regulated institutional exchange, and the role of an ATS in the digital asset ecosystem. Archax is based in London and is focused on digital asset trading in a completely regulated and approved format. The process took several years for Archax to become a registered exchange and was finally completed in 2020.

Archax is…


A Connections, Compliance, and Cap Table Platform for Digital Asset Custody, Issuance Platforms, KYC/AML, Broker-Dealers, Exchanges & Investors in the Future

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